Transitions Across Cultures


This quick, easy-to-understand, helpful guide for those who are traveling abroad or friends and family of cross-cultural sojourners. The Revised Edition includes more resources to help readers expand their understanding of transitions.

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No two travelers have exactly the same transition, and this book is designed to reach across the breadth of experiences. This book has important insights for you whether you are an international business traveler, an expat, a study abroad student, NGO worker, or are deployed abroad for your religious or government organization.

What’s more, Transitions Across Cultures is also written for the sponsors, coaches, family, and friends of those transitioning abroad or returning home. It can be very difficult to know how to walk well alongside those who are experiencing these changes, and this book makes it easier to understand the challenges they face.

This book is intentionally concise, intended to be readable on your international flight or in an afternoon at a coffee shop. The revised edition connects the reader to great resources that can help them navigate the rewarding but challenging journey of culture shock and transition. The publisher has also made supporting materials available online.

Cross-cultural transition can be both amazing and difficult. Transitions Across Cultures presents a practical, easy-to-read overview of major themes that are important for those traveling or moving abroad. Culture, culture shock, transition, factors that intensify the experience, and reentry are all presented conversationally to make these important theoretical insights accessible.

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