Justin and Stephen talk family successes, failed attempts, vehicles and remembering both the good and the hard things from childhood and earlier in life. Mike Picconatto joins them to discuss the lockdown in Germany, issues of solidarity, liberty, and how Jesus challenges ideas of what we do for our own and others’ concerns. Then Justin, Stephen, and Mike talk about Romans 13 and the relationship between Jesus followers and governments. This includes a conversation about the right and responsibility to hold governments accountable by serving as prophets and priests in the places God has put us. Justin describes the historical context of Romans 13 to help with the hermeneutical interpretation. Mike asks what it would look like to be a new kind of confessing church that confesses Christ above all others. Bonhoeffer comes up as a complex character. Justin and Stephen conclude with reflections on ethical reasoning.

Resources from this episode:


Stephen’s family’s LEGO video

Stephen’s book

Ethics and antibody tests in Germany

Problems with antibody tests

More info on antibody tests

Germany’s 1st quarter in recession

Jeff Sessions separation and Romans 13, and additional history

Postulating Solutions with Preachers Podcast: perkinsandwatts.com

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