Justin and Stephen start by reflecting on the purpose of higher education and are joined by Dr. Thorsten Moritz to discuss doing theology as hermeneutically intelligent engagement at the point of real life. Thorsten reflects on his experiences as a professor and dean in the UK, Germany, and the US, and as the founder of Warehouse Theology, as he shares the vision of turning every aspect of higher ed upside down in pursuit of better theological education.

Thorsten helps Justin and Stephen think through the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity, using the lenses of positivism, phenomenalism, and critical realism. They also discuss the benefits of teaching students outside of the classroom through developing co-creative spaces, especially in international settings. And, Thorsten makes a bold claim about what it means to be human.

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Resources from this episode:

Warehouse Theology

Warehouse Theology on Instagram


Stephen’s book on related themes: Social Constructivism and Christianity

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