Justin and Stephen start by reflecting on Breonna Taylor, bureaucracy, and the risk of competitive authoritarianism in American democracy.

Megan DeFranza joins to discuss the lived experiences of intersex people and the risk of literal lifelong damage that can come through the lack of understanding. Megan shares how her search for theological truth led her into a place of advocacy for others, and how following Jesus can lead to moments of holy disruption.

Megan, Justin, and Stephen discuss the practical consequences of ideas and the role of theologizing in shaping our responses to the world. Megan discusses her new film as well as why she continues to identify as an evangelical. Megan also provides some insight on the complex relationship between Intersex and LGBT experiences.

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About Our Guest:

Megan DeFranza is a theologian, author, speaker, and film-maker. Author of Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God (Eerdmans) and a contributing author to several volumes including Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church (published by Zondervan) and most recently Understanding Transgender Identities: Four Views (published by Baker) You can learn more about Megan at www.megandefranza.com.

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Resources from this episode:

Megan DeFranza

Megan on Twitter

Stories of Intersex and Faith Film

Sex Difference in Christian Theology by Megan DeFranza

Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible and Church (book)

Understanding Transgender Identities: Four Views (book)

Competitive Authoritarianism by Levitsky and Way

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