Justin and Stephen talk about coffee, dissertation writing, how to decide when it’s time for graduate school, and the fragility of the human psyche, before they jump into today’s episode about faith and politics.

The Profs incorporate listener questions and comments as they reflect on all sorts of questions at the intersection of politics and Christianity. They consider the perspectives of non-American Christians on the American political environment. They ask about self-interest in voting and what it means to love your neighbor as you consider your voting agenda. They talk about ranked choice voting, the political process, defining the problem, and political variation among followers of Jesus. And Justin and Stephen get into the BIG questions about eschatology, idolatry, and ask about what the truest truth is in our lives.

**Correction: Between the time that we recorded (10/23) and published (10/26) the Mark Charles campaign received word that they have been approved as a write-in option for MN.

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Resources from this episode:

John Piper’s Article

Info on Ranked Choice Voting

Rondell Treviño on Twitter

The Immigration Coalition

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