D.L. Mayfield, author of The Myth of the American Dream and Assimilate or Go Home, joins Justin and Stephen to think through what it means to live a Jesus-centered, love-your-neighbor faith. They wrestle with Christian Nationalism, what the word Evangelical means and how to relate to it, and the “thick gospel” of Jesus. They also discuss the painful process of engaging lament and the connection between Advent and lament.

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Resources from this episode:

Resources from Justin and Stephen’s conversation: The book of Jude Charles Galbreath’s church videos

Background podcast: Profs in Rooms Season 2 Episode 8: Bonhoeffer and Living for Others – with Joel Lawrence

Resources related to the conversation with D.L. Mayfield: Never’s Decaf Coffee Reggie Williams: Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus on Bookshop or Amazon Soong-Chan Rah and Mark Charles: Unsettling Truths on Bookshop or Amazon Bob Ekblad: Reading the Bible with the Damned on Bookshop or Amazon Lisa Sharon Harper: The Very Good Gospel on Bookshop or Amazon Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice: Reconciling All Things on Bookshop or Amazon Soong-Chan Rah: Prophetic Lament on Bookshop or Amazon Walter Brueggemann: Reality, Grief, Hope on Bookshop or Amazon Emma Green’s Article in the Atlantic Oliver Crisp’s Article on UK Evanglicalism Pew study on attitudes toward refugees

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About D.L. Mayfield:

D.L. Mayfield is a writer and neighbor living in Portland, Oregon. Her most recent book is The Myth of the American Dream: Reflections on Affluence. She also has a podcast called Prophetic Imagination Station.

D.L. Mayfield’s Website

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D.L. Mayfield: The Myth of the American Dream on Bookshop or Amazon

D.L. Mayfield: Assimilate or Go Home on Bookshop or Amazon

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This episode was recorded on the land of the Wahpekute, Anishinabewaki, and the Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux).

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