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Creative Challenge

Slow Down

Life seems to move a million miles a minute, doesn’t it? With this creative challenge, we’d like to encourage you to slow down and really look at what’s around you. You might be surprised at what you find most beautiful. Share what you find with us; it could be inspiration for someone else, too! Snap a photo, sketch, paint, write a song or do something else to share the beauty around you. Get creative!

Submission Guidelines:

  • High quality, full-size images, videos and/or audio that Envision Berlin can adjust per format requirements.
    Submission of works gives Envision Berlin permission to post them to their website, Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of media, including using video and/or audio clips as part of compilations.
  • Submit works per email to:
  • Submit large files via WeTransfer:
  • Include your Instagram handle or Facebook name if you want to be tagged.
  • One submission per person per challenge.
  • Individuals who submit pictures and other media to Envision Berlin’s Creative Challenge retain all original rights to their work; AND also grant license to Envision Berlin, its affiliates, and partners, to use the works: in perpetuity, with or without attribution, without royalties and without geographic limitation: including for commercial purposes. Artists may submit a written request for the removal of their own submission/work, effective within 90 days of their request.

    SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, October 23, 2023

    The Envision Berlin will select submitted works to share and reserves the right to not share every submission.
    Email with questions.

    Make sure to invite a friend!

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